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I Don't Want To Lose My Home

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Please Help!

I am making this site with a heavy heart and, sense of urgency, calling to all who can to please help our family from becoming homeless.
I am not seeking pity from anyone,  just pure honest help in the form of monetary gifts, and sound advice, from people who have found themselves unemployed and, facing the possibilty of either eviction or foreclosure.
Me and my wife have been married for nine years and have five wonderful children that we love and cherish dearly, and just like anyother american family we wanted to provide our children with the "american dream" a great home and neighborhood to grow up in.
Unfortunately times have changed for the WORSE! I lost my job at an advertising agency, that was paying me $150,000 per year, a position I held for nearly eight years, with a company I helped and trusted, yet hard times hit my former employer as well, and they had to shut down on December 31, 2001.
All the savings I've put away for a rainy day have been DEPLETED and we find ourselves in a desperate and, urgent situation, with a little over $35,000 in past due house payments.
I have started work on September 10, 2002 but our mortgage lender wants all the past due monies NOW! and I have not made enough money yet to bring this loan to reinstatement status.
We have exhausted all means of help, from our local church, to our family and friends but the most any of them could do was $1,000 (which was greatly appreciated.)
Please find it within your heart to help us raise $35,789.30 by November 29, 2002 so that my family and I can still have a place to call HOME.
With your help, I know we will crush this debt and get out from such crippiling circumstances, I have total admiration for the help you are providing us and will always be grateful towards your generosity.
I hope that you never find yourself under these circumstances but if you do, remember that what you make happen for others, God will make happen for you.
All donations are gladly accepted, please send your donations by clicking the paypal button below, it's FREE and convenient.
Phil Miranda & Family


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