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What are men saying about penis size?


Antonio P. from New York writes:

Size does matter, The fact that we are surfing this site proves that size does matter in some regards, but many so called experts would want us to believe that penis size is not relevant in today's society, if that's so then why do we live in a society that wants to SUPER SIZE everything?

From fast foods to super highways we want BIG! and, the desire for a man to have a bigger penis is not a selfish one, yet an unselfish quest that we men take to become the ultimate satisfiers to our sexual partners.

Penis size is as relevant in our society, as is a fit body, or bigger breast for that matter, just imagine the sense of accomplishment you will feel when you know that your penis has grown in length and, thickness, it will make you feel more confident, just as when you workout your body and notice the
change in muslce tone that your chest, abdominals, or arms have gotten as a result of your workout program and, supplementation, the same holds true for your penis, you will feel better about yourself which in turn translates to your partner, even before sexual intercourse takes place.

Experts tell us not to be concerned about having a bigger penis, that it's "the motion of the ocean" that counts, well that's a bunch of BULL! and, to prove them wrong just, look at an obese individual and, a fit individual, 9 times out of 10 the fit individual will recieve more positive responses from the public at large, more so then the obese individual, it's unfortunate, for this to happen, but it's happened since the begining of time, and no one will change this, not even the experts.

A bigger penis I believe will sexually arouse your mate, just by the sight of it hanging STRONG, and MUSCULAR between your legs is very much worth the effort of trying to obtain more length and, thickness around your penis.

Antonio P.
Queens, NY

Brian H. from Oregon writes:

I just wanted to drop a small note on this site on what I feel about size.

My penis measures 8.5" long and 6" thick and I am VERY HAPPY with my size and oh yeah.. My female friends don't mind it at all, in fact they love it.

I have never had any of the women I've dated complain about my penis being too big for them and I've dated women from 5'2"-5'9" with all of them exhibiting different body proportions.

In every sexual encounter that I've had women are always amazed at the size of my penis and, I love this, cause it sets the mood for great sex, they find themselves wet and ready and, I find myself hard and right.

I feel that size is up to the individuals dealing with the issue, if a man with a 2" penis feels good about himself and his woman companion feels good with him having a 2" penis, then hey...More POWER to you!

Brian H.
Portland, Oregon






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